After finishing school Peter studied graphic design before realising his passion was photography.

Upon completeing a 3 year Nation Diploma in photography he went and worked in the film industry fulfilling various roles gaining valuable on set experience.

In order to learn more he assisted various top international photographer coming to Cape town over the summer season to shoot.

This led to an opportunity to work and travel overseas with a top English photographer .

After settling back in Cape Town , Peter went back to his roots and his love for the creative process of filming and can often be found shooting stills or video on film sets.

When not on set he works as a freelance commercial photographer .

The freedom and expression of youth culture is a large inspiration and influence to his work.
Referencing the  surfing and skateboarding scenes in particular where individuals push their limits whilst seemingly having fun at the same time.

Its this same youthful fun approach Peter brings to set in his desire to collaborate , create and inspire.

His ability to shoot both stills and video and keen sense of storytelling is an advantage to any client in this age of brand promotion.